Sweet Heat BBQ Rub


A sweet and spicy seasoning blend for use on meat, poultry, vegetables, etc.

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This is a brown sugar based rub with other spices added in to create a sweet rub with a subtle hint of heat on the back end, the heat level is not overpowering, but enough that you realize it is there.  This rub should be applied to your food before smoking or grilling food.  Great on meats, poultry, vegetable, etc.  Being that this is a brown sugar based rub (we do not use dehydrated or substitute products for our brown sugar) the product will clump together, nothing that a vigorous shaking of the bottle will not fix!

Willow Seasonings only uses natural spices, no additives or preservatives are added to this rub.


INGREDIENTS: Brown Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Chili Powder, and spices


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

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