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Hi, I am David Slade, a US Navy Veteran with a passion for BBQ and great flavors.  I founded Willow Seasonings and Blends with a passion for flavor!  Our  seasonings and sauces are blended at elevation, in Colorado.  We do things a little different and a whole lot better at 5,280 feet!  From the beginning, I have strived to find the perfect balance of the ingredients that make up Willow Seasoning’s rubs and sauces.  Either on the BBQ or in the kitchen, I do not want any single ingredient to dominate the party… they all should be working and dancing in unison to achieve a flavor experience that your palate will never forget! Our products are made with all natural ingredients, we do not use artificial preservatives or anti-caking ingredients in our product.  Willow Seasonings believes in giving you the best product possible and will NEVER sacrifice quality in order to save money!

Sweet Heat All Purpose BBQ Rub

This is a top selling product, and for a reason. Winner of the 2022 American Royal Rub, "Best Rub on the Planet", this brown sugar based rub has a slightly heated pepper taste at the finish. This is excellent on Chicken and Pork. As a game day favorite, try it on smoked chicken wings...you will be the hit of the tailgate.

Sweet Smoke All Purpose Rub

This brown sugar-based rub has a smoky element added to it. This is truly an all-purpose rub and is great on chicken, pork and beef. If you are feeling a little crazy, sprinkle a bit on the top of some Smoked Mac & Cheese

Memphis Style Rub

Inspired and developed in consultation with a Memphis Pitmaster. The intent was to give the meat some Memphis flair when using it. It is robust enough to stand on its own, but pairs nicely with our 1859 sauce on a pork shoulder. Awarded a Top 5 Finish, 2023 American Royal, Hot Seasoning Category.

High Elevation Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Rub

This is not your traditional SPG. It has a few extra elements added to separate it from the others. It is great on beef products and can also be used as a base on other meats paired with other Willow Products to create unique flavor profiles. Pro Tip: Try it on eggs, you will not regret it.

Sweet Thang BBQ Sauce

Based on a Kansas City Style Sauce, we added some unique elements to give it a little kick at the finish. It's great on poultry, and as a finishing sauce for your baby back ribs. Also serves as an amazing dipping sauce for game day wings smoked with Sweet Heat, the perfect comb.

1859-Colorado Gold Mustard Sauce

This sauce is truly gold in a bottle. Based on a Carolina Mustard sauce, we have added other elements to provide a Colorado flare to it. It is great on a pork shoulder, not only as a base, but as a serving sauce. Try it pulled pork sliders, it will not let you down.